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  1. Bashar Haddad

    Hahaha love this

  2. Juan Ferrer Benito

    Go see martin garrix next time

  3. Bitches broken hearts

    If youve had meat before, you werent vegetarian...

  4. Erin Austin

    Skater boy is Ethan

  5. Ava Brightwell

    Lets just pretend the dolan twins aremt scaters for a sec

  6. Bitches broken hearts

    Youre killing the world and the animals. Shame on you

  7. Mary Higgins

    @ aaron hull lol

  8. Antonia James

    A lot of people have itchy foreheads

  9. Piper Nance

    is anyone else wondering who the person filming is like at 6:30 or anything else

  10. Jim Easton

    Please don't skate beautiful girl.

  11. My Goal: 10,000 subscribers

    Woo www she actually came to us about a guy...

  12. Robyn Fashan

    u make me laugh so much i love u xx

  13. Gianna Zito

    DONT DISS THE PENNY BOARD LIKE THAT however the penny nickel is a total upgrade 👍🏻👍🏻

  14. HarryPotterHamilton14

    Emma: I am going to live in my closet for 24 hours! Me: who lived in the closet for a really long time.... INHALES GAYNESS

  15. Mia Montserrat

    beverage aisle

  16. Haylee Willis

    i bet it is ethan dolan

  17. ii_Sunny _ii

    Emma...We all know who it is it's obviously Ethan...Duh.

  18. lyanna R

    lets be honest. we knew emma liked ethan before she did. 1 like = 1 ethma supporter

  19. Jenna S

    13:24 casually is eating with one of her chopsticks upside down...

  20. Abby Pavlicek

    you guys, it obviously Tony Hawk

  21. Mildred Darrel

    do you have friends still

  22. Itz_ya_girly_soly


  23. LifeofAlyssha

    YELP?? 😂😂

  24. Giuliana Rivera

    make a part 2

  25. E&E Erica and Emma

    My name is Emma and my cousins name is Ethan ✌️

  26. Beth Winstanley

    Your closet is basically my whole room

  27. Addison Noelle

    who’s literally watching it in november 2019??? hahah

  28. Ajay Stefthanos

    Ok poser

  29. Mady Richards

    Literally every girl likes emma and no boys like her haha

  30. Christina H

    Ok here are her comment section: FUUUCK WE MISS THE OLD EMMA!! Me: ok I miss her old style but I like her better now....

  31. Keiton Harrison

    Jeffree star is moving away from callabasis

  32. Eric Lam

    yo I used to live there! Kings road

  33. Teresa Martinez

    Show bob

  34. salma vlogs

    We all know who he is

  35. Addison Eseberre

    OMG you should do a vid making Declan clothes

  36. Victoria Miller

    Everyone thinkin of someone else... I’m thinking of Sam Hurley 😂

  37. Uriel Angela


  38. nina fitsgerald

    You have such a good taste omg

  39. Laila Ababou

    can u explain me what is a vsco girl ? 😅

  40. Tiauna Toich

    where is her sweater from?!?!

  41. Alyssa adams

    Employee - what brings you in here today. Emma -soooo I met a guy...

  42. live life

    To the person said go die die in a forest fire 🔥....... That's too much every bit of hate is to much acc. If Emma died in a forest fire I wouldn't know what to do

  43. Morgz Vlogz

    13:17-13:18 hahahaha

  44. Uriel Angela

    am i the only one who actually finds her videos still entertaining????

  45. morganne lucier

    rip ethan

  46. Jennifer Christine

    Emma literally farted with her throat

  47. Toti Rl


  48. Sydnee M

    “I’m not impressed, and I’m pissed”! Lmaooooo I love her ! ❤️

  49. Thomas Perry

    Declan at 7:03 passes the vibe check

  50. Ella Lonehill

    it’s one of the dolan twins because they have a skating rink in their back yard🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  51. Erin Slusher

    i figured out my costume 15 minutes before the party i was going to started

  52. K B

    More storiestimes plz

  53. pamela nthigah

    Emma : is this like a therapy session,why am I talking about my feelings rightna Also emma : continues to

  54. Danielle Mercado ツ

    Just ask Aaron to teach you already 😐

  55. Ariasx

    I literally screamed when I saw the Yan Yan in the thumbnail 😂

  56. Eviana Leggette

    But why didn’t you just have him teach you how to skate

  57. jana hasiko

    emma show us ur closetttttt we need IT.

  58. Talitha Jobling

    Her liking rick and Morty makes me like her even more

  59. Alexandra Fedulova


  60. Eemias' Eutopia

  61. Yo Yo

    err most of it whiteeee girl , where is the diversity??

  62. Morgan Moffitt

    I just want a button that every time I push it it says “hit the road bi***” in Emma’s voice

  63. cl

    Y’all didn’t know who Cody ko is two years ago even tho he was on vine for years and it shows

  64. Interpreter Jenny

    Seriously!? No one's talking about emma's subtitler!? They are crazy as emma 9:19

  65. Gilad Kind

    I WANT THE SISTER SQUAD😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  66. Amara St. Rose

    2:50 made me trip so bad

  67. Honey Bliss

    2:27 James: *burps* Ethan: tHAt is Not very LAdY likE James: 😐

  68. Honey Bliss

    1:13 I’m Grayson I’m um Ethan iM jAMes

  69. Mez

    The guy = Ethan Dolan

  70. Tia Ja'leen

    I've been talking to this guy for months and he didnt seem to like anything about me. I changed my hair color got some tattoos and started stretching my ears again and he didnt like any of that. He wanted me to be like an instagram girl and that's not who I am. I've had my fair share of shitty guys and I'm over it. You know hes blocked now😂😂✌

  71. Miri Malloy

    not judging since I clicked because I now own 2 skateboards for that reason lmao

  72. Eilidh Stewart

    “hi I’m emma chamberlain, sponsored skateboarder from the san francisco bay area”

  73. g James

    hannahs pupils tho

  74. Bruna Gouvêa

    when are we getting a merch restock

  75. kirsten reviews

    Emma:why am I filliming this (me) becuze I'm hangry 11.27

  76. Honey Bliss

    3:12 3:12 3:12 iTs cHicKen

  77. Coral Jones

    still waititng for this story time

  78. Kaylee Benne

    Sooooo no one is going to talk about the frickin Hilarious picture no just me okkkk 😂😂😂😂😂

  79. Lauren Kaplan

    when she posts this then comments on Aaaron hull's new ig pic and he replies with hearts. TEA

  80. Lauren Kaplan

    aaron hullllll

  81. snoopy

    love the camera focus

  82. Victoria Molmer

    Emma is actually so funny, why does everyone hate her 😂

  83. Rose Fazzino

    2:30 When he accidentally said make love instead of make up. LOL

  84. billmassy

    thats not going to impress him. you could just learn ABOUT skateboarding lol

  85. bubica dubi

    At my house there can't be great meal without at least 10cat and/or dog fur in it

  86. Nicola Nicholson

    I stan Ethma but whoever it is she’s talking about I support her ☺️💫

  87. Ticara

    that little white piece of whatever at 9:42 really bothered me damn

  88. Ava Zaccor

    I have a new love for Emma after this vid

  89. Geoffrey Wan

    Oh hey. I’m also from south San Francisco. Let’s go! You right though, it’s a boring place

  90. Annmary Thomas

    I thought this was a tea channel video because of the thumbnail

  91. Eilish Like an eyelashh

    Am i the only one who thinks Emma looks a little depressed in the last month ?

  92. shiloh zeta

    don’t tell me i’m the only one crying watching this video

  93. Lauren Hunsaker


  94. Cassandra Snook

    Ok has anyone else watched “adulting with Emma Chamberlain” and noticed all the episodes are in some random ass house? Like where is she when they film those? She even did a bedroom decorating episode and it was NOT her bedroom!

  95. Alessandra Sabandal


  96. Gracie Stephens

    Omg the Dolan twins did a video teaching there younger selves there hobbies guess what Ethan’s hobby is???😂😂😂😂 SKATEBOARDING!!!!!! I’m sorry Emma I just have the need to say this 😀😂😂 love ur vids

  97. Neha Butt

    That was fun

  98. Alexandra Fedulova

    Forgot to blur your license plateeeee

  99. meena

    i like this guy. everyone: omg ethan/aaron me: omg finn wolfhard? bacc off

  100. Helena Helena

    Cough cough *Aaron*