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  1. Nichole Baze

    the cat tho lol

  2. Lost soul

    we have birds too in Belgium lol I thought it was Belgian

  3. Jayden Dickson

    You are allowed to take an interest in the things your significant other likes. It’s not the same as changing.

  4. Paula Domene

    Emma!! A youtuber by the name of Kel Lauren did a video redesigning (or rathee creating) yout merch. You have to see it it's amazing!! 🤩 The vid is here 👉🏼

  5. Antonia316

    I say “I’m laying an egg” for my period 😂😂 basically the same as chickens

  6. Malena Parra

    we need a new coffee video plz

  7. Eva Lily

    How does she learn these so fast I literally can’t lol😂

  8. preshtiny feliciano

    I’m just curious to how much it costed towards the end

  9. Ana & Tea

    6:10 on trash can there is black Bad Times At El Royal poster or pano idk what is it but that movie is extra 😂 Fun fact

  10. Galaxy Cat

    18 minutes of Emma judging her old photos lmao

  11. Happiest Rivkah

    She’s being really nice to Jojo, I say this bc I know for FACCCCS other NLselrs their age shit talk Jojo.

  12. Heyy Heyy

    8:20 who sang the “oh oh oh” bit 😂☝️

  13. Lova Karlsson

    Cant just be me who sang the renagade song when she did the dance haha lmao, RENEGADE RENAGADE


    Jcard on spotify


    Jcard on spotify

  16. problemchild1187

    We LOVE adventure stuff !!!

  17. Seven Toto

    Do NOT go down a hill with that like not a steep one !

  18. Paityn Kehoe

    pause game is strong @carson

  19. Vanessa Trocherie

    I love that montage

  20. Oscar Stuttgen

    She’s gorgeous!!!!

  21. 7malaiLydia

    Always always love my weekly dose of Emma Chamberlain. Much love!

  22. Lara Sophie

    lol... she farts in front of 300.000 people and im afraid to fart in front of my BEST friends hahaha

  23. Destiny Flakes

    I started watching emma because she looks like my friend who I recently lost to suicide, and her videos make me feel like he’s still here. So thanks for looking like my friend Emma :)

  24. melea bradford

    i love this video so much 😭

  25. The Unknown Gentleman

    Don't look at my armpits 3 seconds later.... *look at my armpits*

  26. dodo

    How can she always have her period when she has that spiral thingy thing in her vg

  27. Addison Hudgins

    This video is just an excuse for Emma to eat food like wtf bro

  28. fer Qga

    Emma we want more adventures!! Please buy a gopro or something..

  29. Study Case

    Thanks for taking us along for the morning. have an Awesome week and coffee is sent to us from Heaven! and... and... and...OK gotta go Bye! I have stuff to do maaaan!

  30. Vincent Ciccone Jr

    You're dope, Emma. That's it, fight the power. FYI, older term. ' " Keep the flags of dis-content flying. " ' While you, ...' " work for the man " ' Not all of we Men are Creeps. Just Human. I'm not looking for any response from you or anyone else in this regard. You know how to work it, alright. You're saavy with the Tik Tok's. I'm sure you must be o Instagram and Twitter, too. I'll see.🤘 Keep at it.

  31. king rose

    You shouldn’t play with your food Watch every black mom liking this comment😂😂😂😂

  32. Vanessa Trocherie

    I never ate any of those snacks

  33. Anna Anibal

    Can someone tell me why Chipotle makes that? I thought I was the only one. But every time I eat something there I get stomach pain but not super stomach pain but more like acids

  34. Beth Treasure

    there was one in my neighbourhood that was walking their dog in a pack of like 30 started chasing her..

  35. zara

    i actually don’t see any hate comments tho

  36. Craig nichols

    Is your mum Lindsay Chamberlain

    1. Craig nichols

      The one that got acussed of killing her baby when a dingo ate it

    2. Craig nichols

      Or whatever her name is

  37. Milla Morrell

    emma, do a reacting to hate comments video, and absolutely shit on all the haters

  38. Aleksandra

    Honey are u okay

  39. Audreyana Sarah

    Ly Emma

  40. Erica Bowman

    im sorry Emma but yk the twins on AHS during the circus.......

  41. Dean

    p l a s t i c

  42. Blair West

    Anyone else feel like Olivia has a huge crush on Emma? I mean I ship it but I feel like Emma is totally straight tbh. Who knows though? Stranger things have happened...

  43. Luma Dantas

    I told u emma’s always on her period when she records (read the description)

  44. Why Bother

    14:53 wtf lmao

  45. Joel Aracena

    Emma: forks Knifes: am I a joke to you

  46. Julia Valenzuela

    Anyone watching this now and at 2:20 they heard a helicopter and someone thinking rn that might be kobe and gianna 😭😭🥺🥺

  47. Mavis Styles

    Cooky stan?

  48. Annalena Kraus

    We have them in big city’s in Germany💗 and you can ride it when you’re 14 😂

  49. Cadence Sproul

    Lol my bdays on the 21st may and I still don’t know if I’m a Taurus or a Gemini but I can relate I hate my bday too coz of the gifts and attention

  50. Adel Mudag

    Her content is always repeating. A trash content and 😴 so boring.

  51. J K

    I miss watching you so much. 😢 (sad boi hour.) But I'm so ticked off! 😖 🍌 heres a banana you vegan chick.

  52. Jakelin Salmeron

    Anyone else feel like she just kinda doesnt care anymore? I mean the ideas good but the execution makes it kinda seem like she doesnt care idk

  53. Dreams come true

    Hey, Emma, you definitely should film more adventure stuff, cause I'm from Russia and I really enjoy looking at American cities, views are really grate, absolutely different form our's, so I'm begging you to do this more

  54. Pewdiedonut

    Works as a hair dry 😂👌👌 *dry test* omg I love you girlsssss 😍😍!!

  55. Akshyata gurung

    The moment when Emma did the “awwwwwww” thing on Ethan’s face when they did the LA thing, my reaction: 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  56. Allegra Gattino

    Emma was so passionate about the David Dobrak conspiracy 😂😂

  57. Potato Queen

    Emma advice for vegetarians because I am one ☝️ tell the fast food place without meat so you can have vegetarian options 👌

  58. Jennifer

    This is literally me talking about trying to do a NLsel and videos lol but I talk myself out of it thinking nobody will watch this but I’m here watching this 🤷🏽‍♀️🥴

  59. tiyuhh

    thank you ethan. i miss you

  60. miranda leffler

    how did it even turn out bad, i thought she said the batter tasted good, the frosting tasted good, and that the cupcake was in tact. ????? when everything works out right but you still fail anyway for the hell of it :(

  61. Clorox Bleach


  62. Jennifer

    This is me as a person working freelance on anything creative lmao it’s funny but sad and upsetting

  63. Guacalena

    haha I saw theses scooters everywhere in germany too

  64. REGINA

    emma why are you annoying? erin said so. Answer that pls

  65. b

    She’s the female version of Even Stevens

  66. Roha Naz

    that acne is so relatable tho

  67. Everyday Mama

    Emma there are a lot of people that enjoy watching but don’t post comments or even click on the like button. I just wanted to comment bcs I hope you know you’re loved by us. And we are a lot more people than the sad people who hate bcs they really actually hate themselfs. I send u hugs all the way from 🇳🇱 girl

  68. It's Jannah Mohamed

    Omg this was filmed in the day kobe died, so when she heard a sound it sounded like a helicopter 2:27, she’s in la....

  69. Ellie Potter

    You guys look like cosmo and Wanda

  70. Aine Noujeim

    Ive been to that little dinner #cute

  71. Aaqilah Brown

    You should go on a solo trip to another country. Go backpacking! You can even go "glam"backpacking in a more tourist-friendly country if a rough and rugged trip doesn't tickle your fancy!

  72. sabean hehe

    at the beginning i thiguht she said she took amanda but lkle i swear that’s olivia it am i dumb dumb

  73. razerfish

    Does she know what literally means?

  74. Andrew Giles

    this video feels so sweaty

  75. Emma Peixoto

    This is some of the best editing I’ve ever seen in a video 😂 👌🏽

  76. Atati

    okay but that was a very entertaining outro

  77. ABeautyConnection

    Don’t worry Emma I commented on all the haters comments to put them in time out 😂 Hope you’re ok

  78. Jad Suleiman

    cosmo and wanda think they slick 😳

  79. Amirah

    Okay but that “you” reference was great 😭


    Fuking pathetic POSER skater boi style you completely disguste me I hope you eat shit fuking orphan

  81. Carlie Jones

    I’m getting Michael Scott vibes from Emma, loving the POV

  82. Zerena Silva

  83. Hayzee Crazy

    i felt like telling you guys and emma that i got my nose peirced and became vegitarian because of you also adopted her style.... YEYE

  84. Nija Ni

    aw yall are so mean she had feelings too!! it clearly said FAILED

  85. Penny Dimitriou

    do a video of not drinking coffee for a week or day like so emma sees ->

  86. Isabella Boychuk

    I It It’s it’s m it’s my It’s my f it’s my fa Its my fav It’s my favo It’s my favor It’s my favori It’s my favorit It’s my favorite It’s my favorite 1 It’s my favorite 12 It’s my favorite 12 y It’s my favorite 12 ye It’s my favorite 12 yea It’s my favorite 12 year It’s my favorite 12 year o It’s my favorite 12 year ol It’s my favorite 12 year old It’s my favorite 12 year old b It’s my favorite 12 year old bo It’s my favorite 12 year old boy

  87. Gacha Daisy .-.

    "I'm not HIGH " Me :.......;-;

  88. Lauren P

    I feel like this is something I would have filmed when I was 12 with my friend

  89. Nija Ni

    lol i love the bird scooters 😂

  90. selin x

    i luv amanda & olivia muchh but emma seems happier in this group losing this friendship is sad i think :/

  91. Fun In Seconds

    You are one of the VERY FEW females I have heard that is actually funny keep the good content up

  92. Litzzie  Rea

    She looks like way more preitter than usual i like her better without her fake tan

  93. saggy


  94. Ryann Kelly

    i went down a steep ass hill on one because i thought it would be a good idea.... it’s wasnt. half way down the hill i was going 40km per hour and i jumped off ran faster then usain bolt, my legs were moving faster then i thought they could then i tripped and rolled army style down the rest of hill and i stopped just before my body would hit a power pole and to top it all off i dislocated my big toe. 😃

  95. Molly Power

    Who’s here in 2020 and doesn’t miss this Emma at all and actually appreciates the “new” Emma 😳

  96. Arian Martinez

    I love how you don’t care about your acne bear face no makeup love it

  97. Smiley Fun

    She had the perfect opportunity to say comso and Wanda

  98. Cooper Scott

    5:13 tho😭😂😂

  99. Maddie

    when the video is sponsored by audible but it's actually just sponsored by bird

  100. Yellow Potato Gaming

    Hi love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗💗😝😝😝😝😝❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗💗💗💗😍😍😍😍😍😍