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  1. Jorge Alva

    Sino fuese por auron no sabia que era el video con mas likes xd

  2. SJ TikTok Videos

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  3. Thierry Guillet

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  4. Rosario Valenzuela

    Like si vienes de *auroplay ;-;*

  5. Pranksters Family

    Lil nas x was there

  6. Santiago Villanueva caso

    Segun yo esta cancion la escuche mas en latinoamerica que en otras partes

  7. Rifnas Riff

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  8. Simple Act.

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  9. palman man

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  10. Sébastien valentine

    Beautiful video

  11. 10K Subscriber Challenge Without Any Video's

    *He wrote this song from his heart and people hating on it*

  12. 10K Subscriber Challenge Without Any Video's

    *He wrote this song from his heart and people hating on it*

  13. Nicole McMorrine

    I love this song like if you do

  14. 10K Subscriber Challenge Without Any Video's

    *He wrote this song from his heart and people hating on it*

  15. S o r o x

    Mám rád když mi říkáš paní!!!! PS: Kdo je z Česka??

  16. Tretas Polemicas

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  17. Malika Sotbar

    i love the song

  18. Robu Ion

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  19. Mohammed Kenawy

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  20. Victoria

    Taylor is us. We are Taylor.

  21. Cassie Dauzat

    y'all are so cute together

  22. Yani Dueñas


  23. Victor Ramirez

    Por favor hablen en español

  24. Subhalakshmi sengupta

    I love how the modals were grooving back stage

  25. zeina salloum

    1:23 oh my god😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  26. MarxAnto

    Yo cantando "señorita": Skdlakdhdkapkdbvdkksjbakdojdbekso señorita ooo lalala ndndjdk lalala

  27. Li Ro

    Schön ❤️

  28. Minha vida em família

    Linda a musica

  29. 5000 Subs Before Christmas Challenge

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  30. Gustavo Moura

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  31. Dalila Utrera


  32. David Dail

    who is a girl in here if you are comment here when you can plz

  33. Pedro Uicab Aragón


  34. Subhalakshmi sengupta

    He is the sweetest human on earth😍

  35. Roseanne Elizabeth

    “Give me a sign take my hand, Promise I won’t let you down” 🙄 as long as the situation is perfect for him!!

  36. Pommes mit Joppie Soße


  37. Sirius12x YT

    Aquí está tu comentario español :v Like si estabas buscando un comentario en español xdxd (AutoLike para no desparecer :v)

  38. Connor

    Never heard this song before.... Eh

  39. Cosmetic TV

    Poland 🇵🇱 Dezember 2019 Who?⬇️👍

  40. Junior Carvalho


  41. oscar flox cerro

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  42. Mohammed Amhaouach

    The is the best Song for ever

  43. Alice Jade


  44. Duda Silva

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  45. Karouma .83

    It is about camila??

  46. Aishath Unaash

    [email protected] mendes My name is unaash . I have been your fan for 7 yrs.I wish I could meet u.but I live in Maldives.there's no way I could meet u.I love u so much.I love your voice and your career.I'm also a singer.and my age is 11.pls would you come to Maldives i really wanted to meet u love u infinity and more shawn From:unaash To:@shawnmendes Love u 10/12/2019

  47. Lucy Enseña

    Pongan el video en velocidad máxima jajaja


    Like pe

  49. Sound Fx

    who come after saw donald trump to sing this song

  50. nelsi romero

    Se parese a tini

  51. Sol Sanchez

    Shawn te amo❤ camila😈💩

  52. Jeyra Navia Figueroa

    xd like si te dicen señorita -<-

  53. Blue Sparkles

    Shawn and Camila: We're just friends Their child: am i a joke to you?

  54. Saqib Farooq

    BlackPink should collab with Shawn Mendes. He's a legend.

  55. Josh Allison

    I’m just here to flick him in the face

  56. Angela Gonzalez V.

    Me gusta el cabello de Camila Cabello

  57. Letras Music

    Los de latinoamerica reñortwmce con yn like

  58. prettythug2731

    Did u geT iT * The WasTe .... oFF [[. 💩💩💩💩💩 ]] FeLL !!

  59. Elias Velazquez


  60. cartec peru

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  61. Brad Thompson

    Listen to Alessia Cara do this song!!!!

  62. Jaweria k.

    Both look nice with eachothr

  63. Vicky nirmal

    I think senorita means unmarried girl

  64. Avakin Life Azra •

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  65. Livia Buoro


  66. Miriam Soledad Alsogaray

    Love it!!!!

  67. HEXZ0R

    some1 give that camer man award or something

  68. Ramiro_YT_BrawlStars


  69. Keva Gamer PlayZ


  70. EL NEGRO

    Menudo pedazo de mrd .. Toma tu dislike >:v

  71. Diana Reis

    es lindo

  72. Zsolt Tanicsár


  73. Eduardo Alberto Ducoing

    Like si vienes por auronplay.✌👽

  74. Boot Pro-player

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  75. Esperanza Sánchez Pastor

    "señorita y used to this'son lad que más me gustaron

  76. Ana Santos

    Perfeição ❤

  77. Espartaco Gal

    Y esta malparida mierda tiene 14 millones, el mundo de va a la hp mierda...

  78. LØØIS _

    let's not forget you

  79. world kids

    se llama señorita, y la canción es totalmente en inglés -a ver a ver que pasó.jpg🤣🤣

  80. prettythug2731

    G. O . D . Did u geT Yahiria ? <------•••••••••••• 👁 ThaT Was Sum SCandaLeSS BiTches. !! 🤮 Did u geT iT ? Hmmaahh ‘ My GoD *

  81. Danna Julieth Palomera Palma

    Like si no sabes que dicen los comentarios en. Ingles

  82. Filipi Know


  83. fortnite gaming

    My idol💖

  84. Nidhi Gupta

    Them: we are just friends Me: And juice wrld is alive 😭😭

  85. 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos Challenge

    Who's better? Like: Shawn Mendes Comment: justin bieber

  86. SANI 111

    Shawn and CAMILA we are just friends. Director we'll see about that

  87. nathan prouse

    Yo vine por NLsel rewind

    1. — ItsByJordi —

      Igual yo :v

  88. Ahmad ayoubi

    why when I listen to this song it looks like impossible for James Arthur

  89. Kanesha Banks

    This is the best song EVVEERRRR @ShawnMendesVEVO

  90. Alex Jaslo


  91. canal pago para ver

    Namoral podiam fazer um filme de romance desses dois

  92. salvo gnoffo

    cammila:we just friend one second after... director:mhhm for the scene mhhhhhhhhhhhhhm another secon after.. cammila new objective unlocked be mom XD

  93. Araon Gacha

    its ok

  94. •Gaby Cham•


  95. Doriana Reyes


  96. Rafale KJP

    Good song i like so much

  97. Metin Celikel

    where is turkish

  98. Eunice Ferreira


  99. Juan Ignacio Rivera

    Did someone understand the video at all?

  100. Grego Medina

    Tan alto que tuvo que acer puntitas