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  1. Adam wiggins

    I’ve heard someone call them “Yodes” and I like it

  2. Mr Skully

    Dud Rian ruind it not you

  3. Jamie

    Until I hear otherwise, the baby's name is Bob.

  4. Carlos McIntyre

    I'm just wondering could baby yoda be yaddles child?

  5. cynthia rouse


  6. Leonardo Lapuente

    I died thru that intro

  7. TheGaming Jester

    Want a evolution lesson "FILM THEROY"

  8. Muranda Corson

    You had to be high or something to make this video lol

  9. Kat 614

    a lot of the times he played it i heard brain needle

  10. Total Spoof

    That's just like my panic attacks. I feel alot of regret get depressed then get scared. Then I feel the shadow hanging over me waiting till something else sets off another attack. Most of the time I feel it coming I try to have a panic attack. If I try to stop it,it just comes on stronger like I give it life. But if I say come on [email protected] it doesn't come on. Sometimes it doesn't work and I break but so far it worked a little less than half. I'm positive it'll get better.

  11. Nie Realna

    Thank you, MatPat. Now I'm truly terrified :-)

  12. Orc Savage

    Wait wut if rey is q'ras daughter which explains why she feels like han is her daddy'o plus han wouldn't have known because q'ra went missing so she mustve put her on jakku to keep her daughter safe

  13. des j

    soo... when’s the new theory coming out

  14. Cristopher Escobar

    "I currently own a toddler" -MatPat

  15. You

    My nigga Yoda out here for 900 years

  16. Rachel Jorgensen

    I'm loving all the cute baby Ollie pics! Love seeing their family

  17. Sophia C

    Really liked the intro thank you for that

  18. PotterFreak22

    13:43 Had me laughing! Baby Yoda is totally a Disney princess! And the cutest! Giraffes are also pretty darn cute 😍

  19. Dog Manyt100

    Ray could be a left over piece of the clone wars

  20. Micheal Meyers

    I thought the secret ingredient was plankton because Fish eat plankton.

  21. SerunaXI

    ETA till youtube disables comments?

  22. Mr. GameBoy

    Matpats knowing so much im starting to wonder if he is not in the illuminati himself if u go to most disney body count he litterly found out where atlantis is!

  23. ZorroDood

    Reminds me of the Asgard race from Stargate.

  24. MKfan888

    we see another of Yoda's species in the Clone Wars series don't we?

  25. A Guy With A Lot Of Opinions

    The intro alone was enough for me to leave a like

  26. Neo62003 ‘

    We of the Star Wars universe adopted the baby yoda term. By you using that other term you have shown you are not a true fan and I shall disregard your videos from hence forth

  27. PotterFreak22

    Ginnifer Goodwin! 11:02! OUAT fans will know what I'm talking about 😁

  28. Retard 69

    Actually asteroid fileds are nothing like in cartoons and movies the asteroids aren't that close to each other. You likely won't need to make super drifts.

  29. Bill Coffey

    No offense MattPat, but when you are trying to make your videos for young adults and not for kids under 13, parodying baby shark is probably not the best move.

  30. Madara Uchiha

    1:40 is he a member of my clan?

  31. Brian Leon

    I hate the Baby Shark song but the Darth Vader part shimmying around the screen got me

  32. Brian Leon

    I hate the Baby Shark song but the Darth Vader part shimmying around the screen got me

  33. A-a-ron MichealH

    Wtf Lmaoo this video is very flawed. That’s a dumb name for yoda’s species. Would of been better to just use yoda instead of making your own name for something in a franchise you are not apart of. Buuut that’s just my opinion on this video. You have better ones

  34. Clickbait

    Doo doo doo doo

  35. Oliver Kiernan

    Is it just me or is the film theory intro music 50 times better than game theorys

  36. Adora Shepherd Animations And Spigetti

    Stop the the baby yoda

  37. David Shearin

    Cute little thing. 😂

  38. Jack Vieira

    Theory 10 years of a human year is 1 year of aging to Yoda’s So baby yoda is the same as a five year old. The reason that he is still not verbal is because that species learns language slower (why Yoda talks oddly)

    1. Nick

      Yoda speaks the way he does to echo Latin. That is the most common thought on the matter at least. (In Latin the order of words in a sentence doesn't matter as much, and is sometimes reversed)

  39. Ivan Herndon

    You're not helping your upcoming "this channel is not directed to children" COPPA defense by singing preschool songs on the opening of your video.

  40. lagartoloco94

    Turtles have similar reproductive issues. Slow development and slow sexual maturity

  41. The Doggos House

    No the end is just probably the start of the beginning

  42. Heino Sass

    wtf was that opening

  43. Pacfam42 YT

    Basically it’s just “big brain time”

  44. Miro Stolt

    Actually, i disagree. I mean, sure if it WAS made to be completely realistic, then it would mean that the remake would go like that, but there's one little problem: it ISN'T supposed to be realistic. Yeah yeah bla bla "its supposed to be realistic" it still doesn't mean they're throwing in another story. They probably just made it LOOK realistic, but never planned to make it an almost completely different movie it's a REMAKE, not "a remake that should be realistic in every single way" THINK AGAIN, DUMMIES!

  45. skygard49

    MatPat: look at this leaf Me: it's a maple leaf. A sugar maple leaf. MatPat: *explains the leaf Me: -_-

  46. cattata01 YT-_-


  47. Mr. GameBoy

    1. This was mentioned many times in the book is 2. Even though i thought of this too

  48. Dakota Anderson

    Anyone else hate the intro?

  49. Clickbait

    Yoda had f u n with yaddles chronologically before phantom menace breaking the Jedi code

  50. Jack Vieira

    First 40 seconds were pretty painful

  51. wisdomTOAST


  52. Halo

    i was seriously trying so hard to stop my mom from entering the room if she saw the beginning of the video

  53. Lady Megorbensharra

    The beginning of this video had me rolling. Do you play baby shark to your kid a lot?

  54. Doctor 102006

    It is not baby yoda because mandalorian tales places after return of the Jedi sand yoda dies in return of the Jedi

  55. Mike

    I was wondering when some one was going to try find something wrong with what seems to be a great star wars series just enjoy it you Are annoying

  56. Sayer Glasgow

    A lot of people are saying that if 900 years is about the maximum age that the "tridactyl" species reaches, then baby yoda's age of 50 years should be more equivalent to a five year old than the toddler he seems to be. I would like to point out that this species development may not just be human development in slow motion. Yoda claimed to have been training jedi for eight hundred years, and thus was presumably an adult at about a hundred years old. So presumably at some point in the next fifty years he'll undergo a growth spurt of some sort and become an adult. Alternately, tridactyls might be mentally mature and capable of doing things like training jedi before they are physically mature. Humans are generally considered to be mentally adults at about the same time we're fully physically mature. But for a highly intelligent species with a very slow growth cycle, this may not be the case. It may be that at a hundred years old, Yoda was not fully grown, but was already a jedi and training others in the use of the force.

  57. jchoneandonly

    Cute little yeet'dle

  58. Maren S.

    I hate that you disrespected the official baby Yoda song we all know it matpat

  59. Jared Bray

    Still makes no frickin sense, if he's 50 actin like he's one, he'd still be livin' in his mom's basement by the time he's Yoda's age (900). I mean why would he take 50 years to get like 10 months and only another 50 to "Make it through highschool?" By the way how many 10 month olds do you see just walkin' around by themselves? I mean get real.

  60. Mr. GameBoy

    i bet everyone was like: Oh well u just let 9 Million people see this what if they are in the hunger games who is gonna win?

  61. Maddie Adams

    The song at the beginning was the best part 🤣

  62. Sean Stewart

    So they should be pregnant for like 100 years?

  63. DrawMaster 63

    For those wondering, Yoga’s species is the Lannik race. I don’t exactly remember the book that states this, but it was a canon novel that says it

  64. Michael

    possibly the worst intro ive ever seen.

  65. Samuel Castorena

    In the Old Testament. There’s record that people used to live up to 900. Star Wars has a lot of biblical references. Maybe the reason yoda was able to live that long was because of the Force

  66. Wow E P I C

    I think Araki is actually a vampire Because he won't age at all

  67. Artorius

    Is he a human?!

  68. Mr Blue

    U just confused me even more........ Let's just say he became the most iconic vellain of all time

  69. Jonathan Ström

    MatPat, i'm gonna have to stop you right there. "Tridactyl's"(is that how you spell it) are not extinct, they are actually, acording to what i know of what George Lucas has said, just super secretive about where they live, and they almost never leave. They inhabit a planet that noone has been able to find and all known members of the species refuse to talk about it, Yoda claiming that he doesn't want to bring conflict to his people, who are apparently prosperous, highly advanced and entirerly pacifistic.

  70. Powerhouse 1996

    plz let this be the plot

  71. Freelancer95

    Next time you think about calling Lucas a "scientific genius" remember these words... "Laser Sword"

  72. Eddie Nilzz0n

    Rigged af, poor guy.

  73. TheUpperbutt

    Yada yada yada.

  74. shahed72

    Baby Yoda is 50 human years.

  75. Brian Long

    They were killing younglings

  76. Benjamin Seidlitz

    So THATS why elves are always going extinct.

  77. sisqsam

    Ken Jennings lost his final game on a very easy final Jeopardy question.

  78. shahed72

    Could have made a better effort of singing in the opening

  79. Jacob Maxwell

    I have an 7 month old. 50 years of diaper changes sounds like a small price to pay.

  80. Jahseh Onfroy

    When MatPat becomes Mat Dad

  81. Glitched Phoenix

    You’ve become so cringey mat

  82. Bobb Sanders

    Video starts at 4:00. You’re welcome

  83. elucified

    Matt, was this just an excuse to show us your kid's baby photos lol are you *that* kind of dad 😂😂😂

  84. Omari Shadrach

    For one night,crime is legal Me:stealing a PlayStation 4 and rob a bank

  85. Inks

    A thought I had on the force theory is that in the game Cal can slow 1 enemy but the other enemy’s are still the Same speed. So I don’t think cal speeds up. I dunno maybe I’m missing something.

  86. Gabe Casato

    Its actually been stated that there is a planet that yoda has come from and that there are still members of the spices but yoda and yaddle swore to keep it a secret

  87. Levente Varga

    You ; tells bill [email protected] an your video ending Me: (clap,clap)

  88. OptiFreddy

    Can you please do a theory about the talking cat in Rick and morty season 4 Episode 4.

  89. ccjesper

    Video starts at 0:55

  90. Omari Shadrach

    For one night,all crime is legal Me:stealing a PlayStation 4 and rob a bank

  91. Maverick O’Sullivan

    I really do like Summer's character

  92. Oh yeah yeah

    The beginning was hard to watch

  93. Bryan Batcher

    You deserved that force choke.

  94. Marauding Umbreon

    It's hard to hear all this and not think about Adam and Eve. An expanded brain (knowledge of good and evil) disrupted our pregnancy process forcing children to be born early because the heads are a little too big to come out. Being a bit big to come out obviously adds pain to childbirth that wasn't their before. I guess the bible was more right than I previously realized about that.

  95. Nesciovir

    Since when was yodas species extinct? I thought that yoda and yaddle never spoke about their home world and that’s what led to the species survival

  96. *kas :*

    written by stephanie partrick

  97. Marauding Umbreon

    If you got a bone to pick with their recruitment practices, then I guess you hate Buddhists practices too because they recruit new monks when their still children also.

  98. Zaeqaun Alvarez

    Hidden story below check out the link below. Like👍,comment✍️,share🌍 subscribe❤️ nlsel.info/video/video/14psiXiCfct-0rA.html

  99. sam fdf

    I don’t need this sort of negativity in my life

  100. MeowChip

    Matpat: I OWN a baby, like he went out and bought it