Mastermilo is a unique Dutch NLsel channel dedicated to engineering. Milo is an engineer who gave up his normal job to become a full time NLselr in order to build the crazy inventions he has in mind. He likes to show people how much fun engineering can be, so they can start their own projects!
We created a car that rolls over when you brake (Rollgolf), a car with sofa on top and much more. We also answer questions that you don't know the answer to. What if you shift into reverse at 100km/h? What if you drive without suspension? What if you shift into first gear at 90km/h?
Our main project is restoring our Type 69-II tank. It belonged to Saddam Hussein and fought in the Golf War. After that it served as monument in England for over twenty years. Recently we've restored the 38.8 litre V12 engine, with our main goal being to fully restore the tank. You can follow our progress here or daily at our second channel, the workshopvlog.

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  1. Muhammed Mateen

    How much for the car I want to buy it 😂

  2. Rowen hilgenkamp

    Sorry hoor maar die keurmeester ‘wat een zeikerd’

  3. 63*48O

    Как в том МЕМ-е:

  4. kutssasha

    Гараж 54

  5. pake pake


  6. Evan Penny

    Agree with all the favorable comments, but want to say that the tracks are probably seized up with what is called fretting rust. This is a real bastard to overcome. I encountered this in the water and waste engineering field where pulley wheels rusted onto their shafts. No compound available then (50 years ago) was effective in stopping this. No amount of pulling, pounding, or heating was effective. Reduced at times of gas axing the pulley wheel apart and starting again with a new wheel.

  7. Sinisig

    (Insert joke about vodka and Russians here)

  8. Patrick Vink

    Haha jullie zijn echt kickuh 😁 als jullie tank klaar is rijden jullie vast een x over een mister bean auto 😁🙈👍

  9. merican rebelzz

    Vtec intensifies

  10. anh dam

    I hate Mexican people

  11. Ramon Santos

    Muinto bom

  12. Daniel Snell

    Should have done a rev battle between this and the sas sheriff

  13. Clayton Hartin

    Why don’t you have a large air compressor to run the air starter?

  14. Trains and more

    R.I.P bmw

  15. Trains and more

    Never knew he spoke english

  16. مالك مالك

    هاذه محرك تي 55 اني مجفته هوه وتي 72 نفس الكورات بس اختلاف بل بستم ال 55يجي بستم تاج ول 72بستم حلمه بس يرهمن ثنيناتهن واحد عل ثاني

  17. Giovannie banaan

    10 jaar geleden maar alsnog het beste nummer ooit

  18. HBvD

    Leuk!! Maar wat is/was de relatie tussen Ben en Mastermilo?

  19. Justin Kersten

    Best bijzonder hoe je 1 jaar aan alleen maar gekkigheid in 3+ minuten kunt samenvatten😂

  20. Rogue4Buttons

    Laat ik eerst maar eens mijn honda C50 en peugot 3.7 opknappen voordat ik aan een tank begin x)

  21. Николай Сидоров

    Ребята Вы супер! 😁 👏👏👏

  22. CUBIE

    8:45 music plz?

  23. agro master770

    1.3 injectie bouwjaar 1992

  24. Matej

    clio 1.2 8v how?

  25. RomanianMadLad

    This is how English sounded to me when I was a kid

  26. Dexlea Acutan

    I can't undrstand..subtitle pls..

  27. Ker mett

    This is the perfect engine for my vw golf :-D

  28. No parts, No tools, No plan!

    English dude.. english!

  29. Альхамдулиллях я мусульманин

    я бы на этом гольфе, еще лет 30 бы проездил. Гребанный таможенный союз.

  30. Patrick Vink

    Supergaaf project! Hopelijk krijgen jullie weer een x tijd voor deze project! Of wat extra hulp! Gr en succes mannen 👊👊👍👍😎🍻

  31. Daniel Etheridge

    Why would u start it indoors .?

  32. Сергей шайхутдинов

    Красава, заебись, чётко 👍

  33. Сергей шайхутдинов

    Ты крутой)

  34. as g

    We also need more off road videos like those with hyundai coupe and nissan primera!! They were great videos!!

  35. sergeyocheev

    Парни, знаю, что Вы меня не поймёте, но то что вы делаете - это супер! Жду новых серий

  36. Jer Oen2

    Ahw, een nog hele jonge Diesel RIP

  37. x anoniem

    Dirk zit in het jeugdjournaal Kinderen delen zelf boetes uit minuut 1.16

  38. EnvixosIs Alright


  39. m321

    Hey meshe! Topshiciloubikaike! :v

  40. Jurek Łopuszański

    Part 6 when??

  41. Yaroslav MacAr

    like your vids, it si not a russian car, its soviet union)

  42. Dino Mancini

    Ti deve saltare in faccia!

  43. Joe eoj

    Imagine this with turbos 😍

  44. Cem Ünal

    Master mılo süper.

  45. Riezki Rahmadhan


  46. Riezki Rahmadhan


  47. Riezki Rahmadhan


  48. Leonxrd

    *ive cooled down the engine* *_but at what cost?_*

  49. Marko Vučilovski

    But can you fix it????????

  50. Karol Gawerda

    love your work ! greetings from Poland !

  51. J-dayday

    the game spintires irl

  52. Миханта Михантиков

    кто до сих пор его смотрит после гаража пятьдесят четыре ставьте лайк( специально написал цифры прописью чтоб мило не догодался о чём я, ну если только он не переведёт🙂 )

  53. Dara Bradley

    Since you have modular valves you should try get a small hydraulic grapple and rotator

  54. Creepy SK

    That microphone wasnt made for this loud sounds :D

  55. levi keuning

    Godver he dit is al de 5e x dat ik vanaf 5:40 terug kijk 👍🏻

  56. Bart Egberink

    In die vrachtwagen zit zo een dik geluid

  57. Kj16V

    7:19 Dog: "Nope!"

  58. croque monsieur

    Milo en zijn kettingzaag manmanman😂😂

  59. Kj16V

    2:20 Me trying to get up for work in the morning. Digitally remastered.

  60. Hukko Gabor

    Um das live zu hören würde ich auch Eintritt zahlen.

  61. extreme doge 007

    Why the heck the forklift is pink

  62. Seegal Galguntijak

    I thin you should stop calling the Werkplaatsvlog the second channel and call it the first channel, and this one is the second channel...

  63. Koito rob

    How weird is that. A couple of minutes into the video thinking "DAMN, they're speaking Dutch" when i think SUBTITLES! Click on CC and the first line of subtitles up are "this is much better". HOW DID HE KNOW???

  64. Marko Vučilovski

    Johnson s baby oils works amazing!

  65. benediktas velionis

    mastermilo82 where is tank?

  66. Nick Hagen

    Ultimate nostalgi!

  67. Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen

    you should have just bought a UNIMOG i see one big problem- the clutch and the gears are not made with those big tires and the kind of heavey weight of the loaded vehicle in mind

  68. N. van Breda

    Hahahah 14:45 ik ga stuk🤣

  69. Kingsoupturbo

    Fantastic! getting all the hydraulic fittings proper, fluid leakage, solenoid connections, limiters on fluid speed, these are not easy things to get right, great job! What a change, real off road tires, new seats and equipment on your project, very cool!

  70. mikkei

    when will be tank ????????????

  71. Mike Roadkill

    super dik die vrachtwagen maar ik mis de kleine sloop projecten wel die gebeurden bij het sas wat is er eigenlijk gebeurt met die oude Cadillac vleeswagen (lijkewagen) die bij had SAS aant leeg halen was

  72. twocvbloke

    It failed, but is okay to use, sounds like an assessment of me... :P Nice job on the truck, and love the fact all that work that has gone into it, but is still started with a screwdriver... :D

  73. m takenosin


  74. Henk Modderman

    Hebben jullie dit gezien?

  75. Builder Dex

    You can do this. Drove like this for a week once before I could get it fixed. I don't recommend.

  76. Sam Bansard

    Master milo jouw video's zijn hartstikke top

  77. Hector Flores Pauner

    English, please

  78. Nova Dave

    All other NLselrs: Team Trees Milo: Pass me my Chainsaw and welder

  79. Adam S

    13:10 - Weight actually lifts rear wheel off the ground. Inspector "We can say the truck mounted crane is safe to use"

  80. Bob Watson

    That wee car is deeply deeply cool.

  81. derPetunientopf

    But does it fit my Honda?

  82. Menno Mokveld



    Jullie moesten nog beginnen en der was al een ongeluk

  84. john hoogerland

    Hij is echt supper vet maar moet er van voren eigenlijk nog wel een lier

  85. Joris ter Hove

    300 kg


    needs couple of outriggers ,its should be fine

  87. Tom Kelly


  88. 任可

    How about the tank guys ;)

  89. A6M Zero

    things happened to him badly like his old workshop burnt and his dog is dead! im really sad...

  90. Captain Zoll

    milo is one of those people who becomes terrifying when they're holding a chainsaw.

  91. A6M Zero

    9:54 Jason??

  92. Lars Assinck

    Niet te geloven dat dit eerst een auto was

  93. Lars Assinck

    Arme diesel dit is echt tragisch en mag nooit ook maar iemand overkomen mij ist ook al gebuerd hij was nog maar 6 maanden. Maar goed veel sterkte nog

  94. rubikfan1

    12:19. Hij wist vast dat hij op youtube kwam. Die bus is veel te netjes. Hahah. Ik snap dat er niets los mag liggen. Maar ze kastjes glommen helemaal

  95. حسن البروي

    7:03 I am from Iraq 😭😢 وطني العراق اتمنا ان تعود عضيما مثل الماضي

  96. Pouzdani Radnik


  97. Dingo_ 77

    It's awesome!!!

  98. TheNwmd

    Nice crane! But you can load a log without it. )

  99. Jelle van Beesten

    Wanneer weer tank videos