Mastermilo is a unique Dutch NLsel channel dedicated to engineering. Milo is an engineer who gave up his normal job to become a full time NLselr in order to build the crazy inventions he has in mind. He likes to show people how much fun engineering can be, so they can start their own projects!
We created a car that rolls over when you brake (Rollgolf), a car with sofa on top and much more. We also answer questions that you don't know the answer to. What if you shift into reverse at 100km/h? What if you drive without suspension? What if you shift into first gear at 90km/h?
Our main project is restoring our Type 69-II tank. It belonged to Saddam Hussein and fought in the Golf War. After that it served as monument in England for over twenty years. Recently we've restored the 38.8 litre V12 engine, with our main goal being to fully restore the tank. You can follow our progress here or daily at our second channel, the workshopvlog.

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  1. memememe

    how to get a corsa s1600 on the cheap:

  2. Alfredo Verdun

    Those engine should have 3 stanby conditions,A..Cylinder liner almost 85 C degrees ....the lubrications bearing ready,..and the fuel system bleeding...therefore the boiler and the pumps for oil and fuel stanby with pressure switch for keep de pressure conditions ....the star must be inmediatly ....greeting from Uruguay

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    7:23 Wait did he...speak English!?

  5. Sinisig

    Now just put a second engine, transmission, and shifter in! One for each wheel.

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    I didn't understand a word he said but holy sh!t that was cool. Not too many people would even try something like that.

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    Up date the vids with your English subtitles. The other German channel has newer vids. Please i would like to see how this goes.

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    2. Sander

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    What an awesome video! I'm from @peopleareawesome, we'd like to talk about featuring it with our fans - reply back with your email address if you're interested :)

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