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  1. Theta Sigma

    I honestly think that John Oliver lives alone surrounded by jars that he’s too weak to open by himself.

  2. Jose Milian

    funny the news report phrased it as " President trump's decision to back off." even though supreme court was what shut him down on this.

  3. Tom Sky

    8:34-9:16 I wanna meet that doctor and shake his hand cause he’s a literal saint

  4. V XXIII

    Hahahaha we're all fucked

  5. Carter Morris

    Ayn Rand is somewhat genius, though her religious views are somewhat irredeemable, but her political views I can agree with.

  6. Katie Marie

    That census lady was so unimpressed by that dumbass. I love it.

  7. nancy eichten

    Only God knows the future! When will people get it!!

  8. Julie A.

    There was, and still is, an overpopulation problem. The consequences of female infanticide was caused by the parents who killed their female babies.

  9. Chris Ashcroft

    The right has bastardized Ayn Rand's teachings for decades. I have yet to see ONE that can properly explain the concept of enlightened self interest. If you haven't read "An Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology" (Righties struggle with the title) you don't understand her teachings.

  10. Robert L. Fallin

    75 years ago questions on bathrooms was on the census.

  11. Firelord Kushroll

    easy. do the census. then go to a nearby abandoned building or empty house in escrow; take away the "for sale/in escrow" sign. and do the census again.

  12. Zor Vi

    What a disgusting propaganda from the US to talk to the "free" elections of other country and trying to persuade its people to vote "the better choice" shame on you and shame on those who made you do this John Oliver!!!

  13. Prapthi

    ফেরী ঘাট, পদ্মার ঢেউ, দৌলত দিয়া ফেরী ঘাট Crossing Dangerous Padma River

  14. JustAnais

    This has got to be the greatest, funniest, most amazing news/musical I've ever seen, we don't deserve John Oliver

  15. Daniel Duerst

    Comedy for the walking dead heads?????

  16. Prapthi

    ফেরী ঘাট, পদ্মার ঢেউ, দৌলত দিয়া ফেরী ঘাট Crossing Dangerous Padma River

  17. Chris Ashcroft

    "I'm told it's Ayn Rand" Don't be your research!!!!!

  18. TMB

    Glad Trump moved troops out. Dear Americans, please fcuk off back to your own country and stop shooting black people. Then lecture the world. Sincerely, Everyone not living in the United terrorist states of America

  19. kripos

    Funny thing about amazon warehouses is that you could probably start your own autonomous society there. Remember that when the apocalypse comes amazon warehouse workers, just barricade the doors and you're good.

  20. Daniel Duerst


  21. Tuffsmoygles

    the responded by not denying the allegations. "We were disappointed to see the false and unfair allegations about Guinness World Records in Sunday’s episode of ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.’ The piece appears to have been motivated by our decision not to participate in tonight’s show. We were asked to provide a judge to officiate the so-called world record attempt for “largest cake with an image of someone falling off a horse”. On the basis that it was merely an opportunity to mock one of our record-holders, we declined. It is our policy not to partake in any activities which may belittle their achievements or subject them to ridicule. "

  22. Killer Kanickel

    All I could ask myself throughout the whole segement was: How many toilets do other people have? Because I‘m from Germany and the most people I know have two toilets, one per floor and it never came to me that this could be any other way. I mean, what do you really need four toilets for?

  23. Louis R

    Why don´t they just look into the central database ever modern administration............ooooohhhh.

  24. spim randsley

    Riding the white rail express to Blowmaha It's becoming clear that I was born to write for this show

  25. John Dough

    I guess we're not the only ones with a sh*t storm on our hands.

  26. Lex :p

    Anyone else sees the title of every episode and go: I wonder what's wrong with this? let's find out how much this sucks :)

  27. Brenda Waters

    Whew. That was good. I'll be filling it out.

  28. Collin James

    HBO spends $200,000 in legal fees, then blows that same amount on a song and dance number shot in times square to stick it to Bob. Mad props HBO

  29. Logan Morris

    Snowden is definitely a Hero in my book. I don't like that he had to share so much but we truly do need to know how much of our privacy is at risk.

  30. BertRach1

    Its dangerous to say ignore expiration dates. I dont know if they have this in the US, but (as John should know) in the UK we have "Sell By" dates on everything that wont harm you when its gone off and "Use By" dates on things like meat and dairy that will be harmful if you eat it when its bad. So we kind of ignore sell by dates (just give it a sniff) and listen to the use by dates so that we dont shit ourselves.

  31. Tay Dayne

    Beautiful song, its no eat shit bob but...lmao

  32. Spinatvogel

    I dont get how losing this case didn't automatically mean he has to pay for HBO's legal fees.

  33. Bill A.

    ya missed that invite to the russian roulette game john-too bad!!

  34. Eric Johnson

    That frog was so cute.

  35. Oscar the Grouch

    “What if I want to have sex before I get married?” “Well, I guess you just have to be prepared to die”

  36. Sam W

    i'm from europe and i don't realy see the point of this. doesn't the government allready have all the demographics? i mean they got your birth and death sertificates right so they know how many people there are. they got your adres i asume so they know how many people are living somewhere. can some one explain to me what the point of the census is?

  37. Pelle Händén

    terrible morons!

  38. Michel Gaublomme

    Brilliant!!! The world needs more people with a spine to call out the bullshit that surrounds us. Well done John!

  39. InkHero

    I like to think that an intern had to photoshop those hamsters in speedos, and was working late at the office when a custodian worker saw their computer screen and scurried off embarassed.

  40. Aku H

    10:45 Fnucking hilarious (Repesin)

  41. Rafał Hrynkiewicz

    All this makes me even more to enjoy living in Poland. Year after year the saying: "United States is the wealthiest Third World country" is becomes more and more relevant.

  42. J. Roy

    John Oliver you're a fucking gem

  43. Andrei Pufu

    I bet the actual HBO legal counsel would have loved to play that part :))

  44. Albert Weijers

    I sort of agree (TWF?) with Trump; in my modern country there is no census, everyone is already registered with an ID number, our National Bureau of Statistics KNOWS alreay (with help of the computers of THE WORLD).

  45. No Can Do Slurms

    I know I not the only one who cranked it when that census song came on.

  46. o77eh

    Yeah its not like the government would use or lose our information to the wrong sort of people... Cue the NSA being hacked and having their cell-phone and Smart TV spyware(that they assured they only monitored to make sure we weren't being hacked by hackers...) leaked all over the world. This has already caused personal information leaks so bad that companies are being court ordered to add warnings to their TV disclaimers.

  47. The Trainmobile

    When someone dips their balls in your hotdog water. 😡

  48. Conner Wolf

    No, transgender people don't just switch identities for convenience... liars to, and it's very easy to lie and say you're transgender. See: The entire South Park episode about it.

  49. juan morales

    John please do one episode about the Chilean crisis, the Pinochet Era constitution and the privatization of the water rights (Chile is the only country in the world where water is not public but private (thanks to Pinochet and Jaime Guzman, two f***ing psycopaths). The water privatization has produced an intense drought in several regions of my country, but only for poor people, the rich people have hijacked the gobernment in their favor through this obsolete constitution. This could be the end of the neoliberal era, because the Chilean economy was an experiment of Milton Friedman and the chicago boys.

  50. Claudia Jimenez

    hi John I thought you were going to suggest that all of us who are in some way a good influence towards some immigrant community should speak out and convince them there is no danger in answering census questions, which by the way I will be doing.

  51. chez421

    Fuck it, I'm changing my name to 'Church of latter day saints' and never paying a dime in taxes ever again to the IRS.

  52. misfit danzig

    What damn hipster.

  53. Casey McDonough

    Dude. "Active Republican meddling"? I can buy "Active political and corporation meddling", but to imply that only the Republicans are "meddling" with the census, is a half-truth, or half-lie, take your pick. As far as the President and the census goes, that is a whole other story.

  54. Tomkat 53

    Yea, so citizenship is just completely irrelevant... *rolls eyes*

  55. mwells219

    Why don't assholes like this guy just be honest "i won't answer the census because I"m mad that a black person is president."

  56. Derrick Cox

    the impeachment accusation has been downgraded to an inappropriate "Demand". Oh my goodness! Politicians in Congress never make inappropriate "Demands" day.

  57. RP Singh

    Seriously, are you this stupid now or were you born stupid. YES WE CAN count people living in or born in a country using Computers. If you brain dead need advice and know how, ask any Scandinavian countries. Second, this is the first time the counting is done under Trump, please tell us again, how many years it has been underfunded and by whom? No way, it was not your favourite chocolate chip president 😉

  58. Kevin Roman

    That was a great enterview i think it the first time i see this sudject be treated odjectively instead of how i normally see people handling it

  59. Mads Hagemann Frost

    I love this show! but sometimes I wonder. What the hell is the budget? xD

  60. WARDified Gg

    Plot twist, look up the actual article referenced around 5 minutes. John Oliver and his writers her inferential masters. #journalismisdying

  61. MT91

    Wow. In Castillian Spanish: guau.

  62. Assøzial Nətwørk

    What is this for now? Showing the world that the US was a country full of morons in 1980 already? Congratulations, mission successfully accomplished. I suddenly realize that the invention of the internet was the worst thing that possibly could have happened to the US. Before a few well educated elites were able to hide the utter stupidity of the American people from the world. Now the US has become a ridiculous stage for nature´s cruelest mistakes.

  63. THE REAL

    census says oliver belongs here 👉🏼⚰️ why is the waste of space worst actor ever 🙄👎🏼 still kickin 🤬

  64. Mitchell Clark

    John Oliver costs HBO so much money.

    1. sotuur aeei

      God... HBO better never cut this show. So outstanding.

  65. aampudia8

    I want a copy of your collection of hamsters in tiny speedos!!!! xD

  66. potato fries

    so the Syrian military just let Turkey invade them?

  67. Kaiser Dragon

    Citizenship should be tracked.... Illegal means illegal we are not a refugee camp nation... we have tons of poor and homeless all over the nation who take priority as citizens over illegals. Legal immigration is amazing my wife's a legal immigrant.

  68. nox 333

    That wasn't santa!!!

  69. APAUWAlum


    1. sotuur aeei

      I am in tears

  70. Shubham Gupta

    Love ur energy at work

  71. Michael Ross

    Ok.... but.. Johnny Boy I love your show. It severely upsets me how often I have to be made aware of the deeply concerning topics you mention, through a comedy news show but I love you for it. That said, it sounded an awful lot like you were encouraging undocumented residents (people who are not citizens) to participate in a head count that decides how many representatives an area gets in congress. I do not support the manner in which Trump has terrorized people, because citizens or not they're still people, but I find their inclusion in the census (without the notation that they aren't citizens, admittedly terrifying ramifications if you do note it) to be not entirely dissimilar to Russia's meddling in our election. The government is designed to protect it's citizens, and to a lesser extent, the long term (legal) residents. While I fully support protecting an undocumented worker's right to police protection from a mugger or whatnot without fear of deportation, that is a very different thing than allowing their unlawful presence to determine the makeup of our government or our government's spending.

  72. Lodrik18

    Susan is the pumpkin queen!

  73. Joseph DESTAUBIN

    "It could have been worse" could just as easily be a prelude to a speach about the systemic problems at Purdue Pharmaceuticals, the speach itself being a prelude to a plan to bring about corrective action.

  74. John C

    When are you guys going “grassy knoll” at this dog of a president? Now please

  75. ChaosLord

    Lets just hope all the repubicans listen to their orange overlord and savior and blow off the census. Then they won't get counted and they'll loose seats in the House, all because of their own ignorance. Just like all the farmers supporting the trade war that messed up the farming market.

  76. jouneymanwizard

    "on a zip drive" Really John, you just gonna let that gem of almost-was tech lie there untouched? Disappointed.

  77. Colleen Marron

    Thank you for caring about the future of our country

  78. hank wang

    So terrorists create fear for us to live in fear. Are you telling me tRump is the #1 terrorist in America that hide in the plain sight?

  79. Pablo Moysés

    And Libertarians wonder why they are the laughing stock of the planet...

  80. 16ktsgamma

    Remembering Vince's first stint in the XFL. It didn't go over very well. Sure he had players put whatever they wanted on thier jersey and made a show out of it. But overall players were getting hurt right before the game. And like John said, "he's an asshole."

  81. Trevor Granger

    This is disgusting. If the science is so settled, have a debate. Climate change IS a scam. The “98%” myth has been debunked time and time again. The fact that they would continue to use the number 98 percent indicates they truly don’t have anything to back up their claims other than the argument from authority. It’s a trillion dollar business- and some people are actually dumb enough to not think its corrupted. It’s all meant to scare you into letting them take your money and freedom away. They never have ACTUAL scientists debate either, they use celebrities and children to try to manipulate you. He ought to be thrown in jail for making this claim to his audience. It’s a SCAM.

  82. Nilguiri

    I have one toilet, one desk and my roof is made of tiles, if anybody is interested.

  83. FireLord Ozai

    Bob Murray? U mean the guy that tickles little kids feet at the playground *yeah that's the guy

  84. Gregor Bork

    Lol I think Bobby Moynihan has been Santa before in two SNL sketches where the elves tried to hit on him, maybe thats a little easter egg

  85. Wesam Farah

    Peter Griffen irl at 10:25

  86. KingpinHadnot

    It wont happen as long as trumps president but they should implement a system where if a lawsuit is proven to be a SLAAP suit the plaintiff is responsible for not only reimbursement of legal fees but must also pay the damages they alleged were caused to them. So when you sue for 30 mill if its a SLAPP you pay 30 mil half to the state and half to the defendant

  87. Eilís O'Mahony

    3:59 ...yes

  88. Eleni 1979

    My aunt is a census taker in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She has met some very weird people. She loves her job, though so that's something.

  89. Jake

    I is not fill out the peuper woork the goverdumbment want is me 2!!! Jesus willis comes back!!! Praise my donuld presidente!

  90. Yia Moua

    Those republicans trying to excuse and shame this doctor makes me sick! Dirtypoliticians smh

  91. Jacobey W

    I honestly came here to hear John Oliver say "Tobacco" in his accent.. Literally first word of the video, was not disappointed.

  92. Abdul Kambaa

    Nicely said and thank you for telling iit like it is.

  93. Ryan Brinks

    Protestant Evangelists are as slimy as it gets

  94. Olivier Colson

    You're my hero.

  95. usernamesareforidiot

    Libertarian's entire ideology is based off of watching weird NLsel videos. Can you guys just stay out of the normal conversations and run your weird political fan fiction away from everyone else?

  96. Jan Sitkowski

    Census is an old tradition for thousands of years, Jesus, was counted in one of those, so it's also kinda very christian to participate in a census.

  97. Peggy Franzen

    Being objective has to with one's free will; not with politics .

  98. William Kreger

    Skip to 21:00 if you want the song

  99. liltwistofcaine

    ....he just admitted how much the union costs us citizens....

  100. Suzi Bikerbabe

    Also. tRumputin wants hackable computers to deal with the census which means thousands of jobs jobs jobs! will be lost. #WINNINGnot