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  1. OriginalMPW

    Why this not on Spotify tho??

  2. Jeremy Guericke

    dig up a couple of sols.... FK

  3. montaeyvngboy

    0:19 😂😂

  4. starhakmll coley

    Wow that’ last scene dance was smooth

  5. affraidbae

    does anyone know the instagram of the girl who does dance in the 1:56 with a red short? (if you look in detail it appears before the start) 0:04 and 0:10

  6. Black Vegeta

    What's the @ for the girl twerking in the red booty shorts? 👀👀👀👀

  7. Kanairey Samad

    Why can’t you PLEASE GO TO OKC 😔😭😭

  8. Pharaoh Ptah

    Lol dope

  9. X A D

    First time i see an American rapper with Nike TN

  10. Jacob Samour

    Da baby = da goat

  11. Vivek Mirpuri

    This songs makes me want to pour my milk before the cereals

  12. Tom Methans

    There's only one good thing about this song

  13. Cas

    I’m sorry but why y’all give so much attention to a guy who literally killed a person, and also beat up a fan... He has good songs but is a bad person fr

  14. Kay Howze

    Is it me or does his dad look like LaDainian Tomlinson??

  15. Kens La cura

    I like this song


    Let's keep it #trill! This song is dope! 🔥 Here is a trippy texas mix ✌️#DJTaxi nlsel.info/video/video/1oaFn6lobKyT26g.html


    Let's keep it #trill! This song is dope! Here is a trippy texas mix ✌️#DJTaxi nlsel.info/video/video/1oaFn6lobKyT26g.html

  18. Logan Denley

    Lmao in the end that bitch to the right wanted to make sure she was in shot and ruined it

  19. Crysanna Gilbert

    All of this dudes songs sound the same. They got good beats though😂

  20. N I K E

    Im gonna tell my kids this was sesame street

  21. Kristal Brown

    The chicken cutlet scenes gots to go but this song & video is a bop!!

  22. Mbita Acoustic Guitar

    nlsel.info/video/video/knp6nnJ4ZaZ_tKQ.html cool

  23. bo4 A vie

    Ya des français ici ou sinon Lourd le son

  24. David Leodanis

    I wan poop now

  25. jason lul

    jabbawockeez still go hard.

  26. Phatt DaddiYrn

    Tell them Niggas the 704 aint no joke #QueenCity HIDDEN VALLEY KING SHIT H. v. K

  27. Francesca Morellato


  28. Barrington Green

    I just realized the guy from "Its the weekend" is in the video lol

  29. David Gutierrez

    Head ass niggas 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Ganjarelli

    Dear NLsel. Don't ever auto-recommend this fucking garbage ass shit to me ever again.

  31. ThereIsNoBush


  32. Mikołaj Krawczyk

    This song makes me wanna meke a new album with juicy

  33. David Zacher

    That was horrible. Blame their parents...

  34. ThaSouth Garcon

    So that’s what happened to my laptop!

  35. T-Speed Bihh

    This whole song lit 🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀

  36. Lynn E

    That beat 🥴🔥

  37. The Tech kid

    Yo I know they friends but dababy would beat that nigga ass

  38. Smoot

    caundoo vai apurao en el taco 0:02

  39. Mariana Fernandez

    Habibi is so committed to playing that recorder 😂🤣

  40. Boost USA

    That white girls is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Youngchief

    Offset should have just said “Fuck my hoe” 🤦‍♂️

  42. Balla_Travis !

    Only reason some people this cause of that 🔥 beat

  43. Caleb Green

    Rip juice wrld

  44. pershae88

    Jabbawockeez My faves too fye

  45. Nathan Searcy


  46. okay boomer.

    Nobody is gonna talk about the instrumental. IT'S LIT AFFFFF WITH DABABY'S FLOW

  47. Junior Jefferson

    OffSet blessed yall with this one This was a keeper he went in on that track tho

  48. warrior money

    Video got me dead😂😂💀💀

  49. Vanedda Haddix


  50. K.o.S Sheol

    wow yes i found the pretty face of the big booty red shorts wearing chick at 0:09 FAP time

  51. RubenAsher

    2:55 bitch really SOILED IT, sucked on her finger thinking, hmmm amm i in the frame, and moves SMH

  52. Vulpes Inculta

    Ooga booga

  53. NamesClean _

    rip dababy

  54. Carizma Murray

    My baby seen you at the club he's name is wacc

  55. Carizma Murray

    your hot

  56. Mr. Fox

    I have absolutely no clue what this video had to do with a traffic jam, but i fux wit it

  57. SLUMP

    This clip is fucking 🥵

  58. Mekhi Williams

    My dad did security for those people with the mask on

  59. Kevin N.

    I could watch the dance move from 0:49 to 0:54 like a million times over and over

  60. soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enos

    how u get these fokes in your vid shit fya

  61. CED 8\

    Ayeeee that’s my boi

  62. Eurostar 07

    2:10 the guy with the tie and glasses. LMAO He was really into it.

  63. Labryson McCall

    I fuc with this dude energy

  64. Mustafa Hasan

    fk ur black a** xD

  65. Eurostar 07

    Old school with that nice Larry Johnson jersey.

  66. i Gudini


  67. Ricardo Solis

    These people make the police job real easy just showing their guns. Stupid rappers. I see a lot of gun charges. I believe this a lot of punks out there with guns.

  68. Santiago Jaime

    this shit is so prefect

  69. Fresh__darkscoripon

    I swear to fucking god if something bad happens to this man I’m gonna explode

  70. PoAzX

    High sky stole his music beat

  71. CM - 09LT - Erindale SS (2322)

    is it me or does that guy remind me of j.cole the first dancer in the beginning

  72. King Skip

    anybody else realize that every box he broke was fragile???

  73. Eamon Charles

    pause it at 0:10 ur welcome

  74. Eamon Charles

    lmao at 0:10 you can see the twerking girl on the sidewalk

  75. rudina ziu

    The beat starts at 0:16

  76. Brittany Holmes

    Baby 😍🥰💙

  77. Lil Khari

    This song makes me wanna dance🕺



  79. Dead Meme Face

    Also upcoming talent, hopefully he doesn't *die* too

  80. Timothy Shepherd

    “a few days”

  81. Ξ


  82. Bustin Jieber

    Why have a bunch of asses shaking you can make a funny video?

  83. Shakira Coye

    Imagine that one girl twerking was not in this video 🤔 I'd love it... Still love this though

  84. Christian Mather

    So we not gonna acknowledge the cleanest woah of 2019

  85. essfori

    I don’t know why but I replay this part 1:47 everytime it just goes hard🥵

  86. Desly Fernandes

    God music

  87. Crow Dad

    Dumb ass dancer's

  88. Curt Gilbert

    This was undoubtedly the most stupid thing I've seen.

  89. yung negreen

    Put this on school at max volume , our teacher didnt like , they fired her

  90. Pero Peric

    MOM SHOULD BE PROUD! THIS WHOLE GENERATION TODAY SHOULD BE PROUD OF THEMSELVES. Note one thing one you kids grow up you will see what stupidity you were listening to. Good luck


    Dababy should be in jail how do you legally kill someone? Make America great again! Kanye 2020p

  92. Yuri Fernandes

    Quem acha o som foda deixa like na humilde

  93. Mooch

    0:02 I am that kid in the blue sweater acting like a square with his camera 4 the first coupla seconds lmao. MOOCH in this biiitch. SHOUTOUT @REELGOATS.

  94. HybridGam3r_75

    we aim finna talk about da endin tho😂

  95. B G

    just came here for the Jabbawockeez bit.

  96. MsBmore410

    Mufasa!! Did y'all see him in the cab and throughout the video? Lol

  97. noor niffo

    Jabbawockeez are so wavvyyyy man makes the video even better seeing them❄️❄️❄️

  98. Alpha Camara

    Tune in🔥🔥 like comment share the link below m.soundcloud.com/zee-swindles/zoreign-x-alpha-drippin-alone

  99. Chavaun Johnson


  100. DangerGunz

    00:53 that move was fire highkey